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Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints and FAQs

What’s in a plan?

Proper planning will ensure that you and your company or guests will have the best possible experience. Let us know the type of occasion, number of guests, length of hours, and your travel route or destination and we will suggest the right experience for you.

Value and Service

When engaging in our services we endeavor to provide you with the very best service and transportation while meeting your budget levels. Our customers praise that they receive great value in the services we provide, courteous chauffeurs and clean and polished interiors. The more details you can provide; we can structure the right package and service that will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Selecting The Right Vehicle

Since the ride is the main focus of your experience we pay particular attention to the vehicle that is selected for your occasion. The greatest factor will be the number of guests that will be transported. For larger groups such as a bachelor or bachelorette party would utilize a limousine bus where as a romantic ride for the bride and groom could be driven in our 1950 Bentley Rolls Royce. Other features that would help determine the appropriate vehicle would include such options such as music, lighting, seating arrangements, luggage capacity, and washroom facilities.

Selecting The Right Package

We offer a basic package with all of our vehicles but customize every experience as you would like. Whether it is a wedding, sporting event, concert, prom, or an evening out on the town we have the right package to enhance the occasion. We realize that we cannot always anticipate the unknown and therefore provide flexibility in our service to accommodate such uncertainties. Extended hours, additional destination points, last-minute change of plans are all factors that we take into consideration and work with our customers to ensure a continued pleasurable experience.


When planning your special moments it’s best to plan this far in advance as possible. We suggest that for weddings limousines that you book 12 months in advance. For other events such as proms, sporting events and nights on the town a few months in advance is recommended. Once you have selected the right limousine service provider, get your bookings confirmed in writing. For special occasions, it’s generally a good idea to contact your limousine provider a week before the event to ensure everything is confirmed.

Safety First

As we all look forward to a good time, we like to stress the importance of safety considerations. The most important thing to consider when booking a limousine is safety for yourself and for your party. Keep in mind legitimate limousine companies need to be registered with their provinces, have proper insurance and be properly licensed. It is suggestible that you ask your limo company to show you their public vehicle licensing, Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration and insurance credentials before committing. Without these required licenses and insurance you and your party are at risk.

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